Visual Concept : BURNT
Art Direction : 飛鳥 (テーブル.スタジオGROUP™)
Photography : 飛鳥 & くみこ蜜う (テーブル.スタジオGROUP™)
Interview : 飛鳥

Here is a special interview session with members of ARIES-KAIZER
It's been a long time coming for ARIES-KAIZER who were formed in 2006. The Original 4 Goats-men, iRUイル,  ジョジョ, DAVIDデイビッド & RIDZ had endured through the test of time & harsh environment where bands come & go. Six years later, comes a new arc, beginning with coming of 2 new members. Also with the inception into テーブル.スタジオGROUP™, ARIES-KAIZER reinvents themselves as a new force in Visual Alternative Rock. They have composed many originals both in English & Japanese. They are ready for their Re:Birth . . . from the hellish mediocrity of this society. . . We will Rise!

How did ARIES-KAIZER come to be?

iRUイル : A voice from the darkness came up to me and said,
 "Hey, let's start a band."

And I responded, "Ok."
The rest is history...

ジョジョ : ARIES-KAIZER had already existed before I joined. Besides the love for music, it was probably fate that brought us together. The stars aligned and everything just fell into place.

デイビッド :
Fate brought ARIES-KAIZER together and builds on music fellowship ever since.

RIDZ : ARIES-KAIZER came around with a group of friends with the same belief & passion for music.

We asked the new members on their feelings for ARIES-KAIZER
What are your feelings on the band?

Each of us have our own drive and uniqueness and that gels the band together. That is something special about ARIES-KAIZER, how we are willing to give and take and share among us. We make music not as professional musicians or band-mates but we make music as friends and I believe that's how tight we are parallels to our music.

DiNESH : ARIES-KAIZER has its own sound and culture. When songs are written they are meant to send a message across to the audience. There is a special bond between all of us and we always are like brothers and sister where we learn from each other and help one another...even things which have nothing to do with music ....I believe ARIES-KAIZER will define what is Singapore's Music ... I hope ARIES-KAIZER will be a good example for many young and upcoming bands to be creative and original ....

What can we expect from ARIES-KAIZER when you return to performing on stage?

DINESH : You will see it when We Rise .....

AISYA : Whatever you expect the band to be, We'll probably top it off.

ジョジョ : I would say "Expect the Unexpected" even though it sounds cheesy. With ARIES-KAIZER, (musically) anything can happen!

iRUイル : If music soothes the savage beasts, then the music of ARIES-KAIZER will energize your soul. Be prepared to be blown away!

What keeps you motivated to continue playing music?

iRUイル : Well, I shall have to say ARIES-KAIZER itself. There's something that I can't explain while playing with these guys. The feeling when all of us came together and play a random progression; it's magical. Sheer magic.

ジョジョ : My love for both Music and Life keeps me motivated in playing music. That and video games too *laughs* But seriously speaking, that's where my earliest musical influences are, it was the music in video games that inspired me when I was a teen to get into Music.

RIDZ : What keeps us together all these years is the respect & enthusiasm we have to keep on playing and improve as a band.

To iRUイル: What's the experience like trying to battle the "hellish mediocrity" and forge your own identity?

iRUイル : It's a war out there. Mediocrity exist everywhere, even in music. We were pushed down, frowned upon and being thrown to the darkest pits on earth. But there's one thing that they can never do & that is break us! We will always fight to be heard. To share our style of music to the world and show them the honesty that can be fulfilled when one put music first before anything else.